HTML 5 Support

Does this support HTML 5 video? Will this work on my mobile phone like how Youtube does? Speaking of Youtube, isn't this kind of competition to it? First there was Google Video, but then it was dropped shortly after Youtube was purchased. What's the deal with another Google place to put video?

in reference to: Play your video files in Google Docs : Uploading and exporting - Google Docs Help (view on Google Sidewiki)

Island nation of Tokelau is giving out free .tk domains

I’ve known about .tk free domains for almost a decade, now. Back then, what you got was a <frame> with a banner advertisement. It was not too professional.

Flash forward ten years, and now gives you so much more:

  • email redirection
  • no banner ads
  • DNS records ZOMG! for free, including:
    • a records
    • cnames
    • mx records

It is a lot of niceties for free. The only catch is that they require the user to have 25 hits per 90 days.

I registered mine at . I am not using any fancy DNS records, however, just a simple URL forwarding.

Google Sites: not very search-engine friendly

I have been using Google Sites as the host for my domain for a while now. When I discovered Google sites, I thought it was fantastic. It’s owned by Google. It’s easy to use and setup. It’s free! And most important of all, it allows custom URL forwarding.
Eventually the honeymoon ended. I found some drawbacks from Google Sites. One of the biggest drawbacks that I found, was that every external link that I posted, automatically got the no follow value for its rel attribute.


I can understand why Google may have decided to implement this: to cut down on web spam, PageRank sculpting, and the like.
I think this issues should have been solved alternatively. Since Google already places a minimal footer on the bottom of every Google Site, maybe they should have added a “Report Spam” link as well. This alternative will not punish good netizens trying to give proper attribution, while providing an avenue of permanent de-listing for the offenders.


This issues also is the cause for another complaint. Google Sites does not allow any custom rel attributes. I cannot link to a site, stating that it is another domain of mine. Read more about rel="me" at microformats.
This prevents me from adding more feeds to my Google Buzz feed. I like Google Buzz, but find this a hard wall to pass, but which must be surmounted to ensure my continued investment in Google products and the Google brand as a whole.

SEO Pipe Dream

Long story short: if SEO is your goal, do not use Google Sites in its current implementation.

Github Provides Custom Domain Hosting

I just discovered that Github provides custom domain hosting. This allows me to put create a CNAME record for my domain and point it at my github site, .

My github site gets redirected to . All my files are stored in my git repo at .

To set this up on your own, Github site:

  1. create a repository named where username is your username.

  2. add a CNAME record to your dns pointing to

  3. add an index.html file to your repo

  4. add a textfile named CNAME to your repo with just the address of your new site url.

If any of that seems confusing, check out the files in my repo.

Project Euler #10 with Python

Project Euler #10: Calculate the sum of all the primes below two million.

def gen_primes():
    D,q = {},2  
    while True:
        if q not in D: 
            yield q        
            D[q * q] = [q]
            for p in D[q]:
                D.setdefault(p + q, []).append(p)
            del D[q]
        q += 1

from itertools import takewhile
print sum(takewhile(lambda x: x < 2000000,gen_primes()))