Streaming Media From Linux to PS3 With PS3 Media Server

Today, I set up a program called PS3 Media Server, or PMS for short, on my home network. It is an application that makes it possible to stream media from one's desktop computer to a PS3. It's pretty handy and sure beats dragging and dropping files to a USB drive just to watch or listen.

On first try, streaming was a bit too fidgety for for my wife's and my tastes, so we opted to do a network copy instead. Although we had to wait for the copy to finish before we could begin watching, we still did not have to dig out a thumb drive, but stutter free streaming would definitely be best. We were just too impatient and wanted to watch an episode of Stargate Atlantis over our fancy new PMS setup now and could not wait on me monkeying around with configurations until streaming was perfect.

In addition to streaming and copying movies to the PS3, other great features include:
  • YouTube Viewing
  • Podcast Streams
  • Internet Radio
  • Image Streaming
PMS even has an innovative way of configuring itself directly from the PS3. This is a must have application for any PS3 owners out there.

I thought that the PS3 may have used some proprietary locked-in service to do its streaming, but I was wrong. After doing some more research, I found out that the PS3 uses a technology standard called DLNA to do its streaming. I posted a question on a forum to find out if in fact PMS was my best option. And now I await answers.


  1. I think the next thing I will do is to setup Hulu streaming since Hulu was so kind to bar PS3s from accessing their service.

  2. After even more research, I found out that if one installs a python package called Coherence, one can now have Rhythmbox streaming media. Just run sudo apt-get install python-coherence and check out this page for more info:

    For PMS, I found this good page: